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Creative Planning, Beautiful Execution

Destination Marche, just for you

Le Marche is always there for you
The Marches Region is centrally located, on the Adriatic Sea. Three hours from Rome, 4 hours from Milan, Florence and Venice. More information about Le Marche can be found on the Region’s website: http://en.turismo.marche.it .    
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About Us

Best Event Planning Lab is based in Senigallia, on the coast of the Marches Region. We are a dynamic duo, with distinct roles and responsibilities. Enrica is Italian-American and is the planner. She likes to say she is the “details” lady, managing the entire production of each and every event. Sonia’s fashion background gives her an edge as the event stylist and decorator. No two events are alike thanks to Sonia’s unique ability to create beautiful scenery for every budget.

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Organized creativity

Best Event Planning Lab is specialized in weddings, ceremonies, private parties and customized design. We work hand in hand with our clients to create truly unique events. Our “lab” is a hub; the meeting point between organization, ideas, and execution. From invitations to catering and banqueting, from an intimate cocktail party to the wedding of your dreams. We are here to help you make memories that last a lifetime.

Down to the last detail

Working with a planner means having someone on your side so that you don’t have to waste time on research and running around
We have a trusted network of suppliers and locations, from small artisans to wholesalers, from rustic country homes to modern seaside venues. We have put them to the test time and time again so that our clients can kick back and enjoy their special day.

Leave the details to us!!

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Parties and Events

At Best we love to decorate and cater parties, large and small..

Formal or casual events

Ceremonies, surprise parties, birthdays, dinner parties with friends . . . we love to plan parties! Best is specialized in personalized decorations, unique locations and the very best catering in the Region. Le Marche has beautiful venues that are also full-service, with comfortable accommodations for all guests in the same location (or within walking distance) as the event. The region also has an abundance of villas, castles, refurbished monasteries and luxury hotels. Le Marche is famous for its cuisine, with Michelin Star chefs and catering companies that are committed to excellence. For Destination Events we will be logo marchigiandocreating special tours and packages with Marchigiando, a trusted tour operator with tailored tours to beautiful locales and even to local producers, bringing farm to table directly to you. We also have contacts with the best wineries in the area for wine tastings, sommelier classes and cocktail parties. So many great ideas and options to celebrate your special event with your family and friends.

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Our Location

Best Event Planning Lab - Strada del Cavallo 92 Senigallia (AN) 60019 ITALY


Contact us at +39 392 782 6287 for more information! We are at your disposal.